Please be mindful and keep [SPOILERS] to a minimum in guild chat, the forums, and on voice chat.

Operations Schedule:

Weekly scheduled operations are on hiatus. There will be a survey once interest perks up again for days and time. Until then, check the events calendar for randomly placed operations.

PvP Nights:

Scheduled PvP nights are on hiatus. Keep an eye on the events calendar for random PvP nights until we pick back up again.

Social Events:

Ashla's Civil War: We go around getting planetary pvp kill achievements by forming up on each faction and taking each other out. Don't forget your party Jawas!

Conquering the Commanders: Join us as we go about taking out the Commanders of either faction to gain frameworks for guild ship expansions.

Datacron Gathering: Bad at platforming and getting about those complicated paths to the datacrons? No worries, we can help each other get those datacrons you missed going solo.

Flashpoing Madness: Achievement runs to complete those pesky 25 kill/completion achievements. There's much xp, cxp, and fun to be had. Also good for those wanting to farm some decorations.

Guild Conquest Festival: We do conquest for the week. Everyone should know in advance. Prizes for top winners!

Priority Targets: World boss runs for achievements, Qyzen recruitment, or crystal schematic drops if you like those kinds of things.

Star Fortress Destruction: Running Heroic Star Fortresses to acquire the companions, decorations, and/or achievements quickly and easily, I mean unless you want that glowing fist thing taunting you every time you log in.