We are <Pillars of Ashla>/<Ashes of Ashla> and we are still here!

That said, we are down to very few active players at the moment. There have been a number of fantastic changes to the game as a whole and one of the most recent was a major update to the guild interface and guild related activities in 5.10. You can find information about this here.

Returning players! You may find that your characters have been removed from the guild in-game. That's Okay! Either send a message in poa chat, or search the guild and message someone online. Hopefully we have someone logged in that can re-invite your characters.

New players! Or those looking to join a small guild. You can also message us in poa chat or search the guild and ask online if you have any questions. Please just keep in mind that we are currently down to just a few dedicated active people and it may be better to check around on our site here and message either Clubberlang or I with your questions through enjin mail.

We may have become a very small guild in recent times, but those of us left aren't planning to go anywhere anytime soon. I for one will be playing until an announcement is released about the game shutting down, whenever that may be. If you have taken the time to read my post, I do thank you for your time.